The Time I Worked For $2,000 Per Hour

Yesterday, a client of mine hired me to work for him at $2,000 per hour.

No joke.

Now, let me explain.

This client is not a formal client of mine at all. In fact, he is an business acquaintance of mine that I met through another project.

Anyway, he sent me a message on Skype about a problem with a couple of lines of code that just weren’t working out the way he wanted. I had him just send me the code and explain what he needed it to do. 3 minutes later (per Skype), I sent him back one line of code that fixed the whole problem.

He asked how much he owed me and I kind of chuckled. I told him to just call it a favor from a friend. He insisted that I send him my PayPal email address, so I did.

To my surprise, he sent me $100! For 3 minutes of time! That amounts to $2,000 an hour, technically!

You see, what I didn’t think about was the amount of time I saved him from trying to figure it out on his own.

He was not a programmer. He knew enough to “do some damage”, though. To me, my solution was basic. Beginners’ coding stuff, really.

To him, though, it was worth a whole lot more. Who knows how much time he saved and money he made from that 3 minutes of time I gave him?

It wasn’t the time or even the effort that was valuable, though. It was the knowledge and experience I had.

How many times do you, as an expert in your own field, sell yourself short because you feel that what you do is so quick and easy that it shouldn’t be worth much.

Think again. You’re worth a lot more than you realize.

Here’s a great quote from Henry Ford to leave you with.

Henry Ford Quote

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