Going Back to My Roots: Sort Of

Back in 2005, I started my web development adventure as “Cotton Web Design”. I flexed my creative muscles and delved into the realm of graphic design as well as doing the development/programming for websites.

I built websites from the ground up and it was a chore. Graphic design, to me, was tedious and not at all a strength of mine. What I loved to do was get my clients’ website to “do” something. That’s why my focus turned to web development only for the last 5 years. I hung up my proverbial “design” hat and worked on making websites and web apps do really cool stuff.

Enter WordPress

When I started in the web design/development industry, over 10 years ago, WordPress was an amazing blogging platform, but that was about it. Sure, there were a few ways to manipulate WordPress to look like other types of sites (eCommerce, News, etc.), but for the most part, it was strictly designed for use as a blog.

I had focused on using another type of platform called Joomla, because it offered a lot more flexibility to set up a website the way you wanted it. Plus, it was a great platform for programmers to build custom apps and scripts within the site. This allowed me to basically build anything my clients needed.

I eventually took a break from taking on any new web design clients to focus on a career strictly in web development/programming. I quickly learned that this is what I loved to do. I loved listening to what a company/client wanted their website to do and then putting together a solution to make it happen. Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at it, too.

I started getting more and more clients that used WordPress as their website platform. I noticed that it was no longer the typical blogging platform that I once knew. It had grown. It had changed. It developed into the “go to” platform for almost every type of site you can imagine.

I quickly started looking into what it took to create custom plugins for WordPress and have created several for clients, basically doing anything that they wanted to do within their website. not only that, but with the thousands of “already done for you” plugins that the WordPress community has to offer, many of the things that my clients wanted was already done and just needed to be installed and maybe tweaked a little, which I was able to do.

But the Design…

With my re-introduction of WordPress, I saw how quick I could get a website up and running for a client and how easy it was to create a custom plugin that would allow me to program their website to do basically anything they needed. My only downfall is the design.

Enter Theme Forest

A buddy of mine that I work with has set up several websites on his own. Some are WordPress, and some aren’t. They all look great, though. He’s a programmer, like me. Not a designer. I learned his secret. Theme Forest.

Theme Forest has thousands of website templates for sale and many of them are WordPress templates. They are high-quality and have the ability to be customized. Most of them have the ability to tweak the colors and insert a logo.

So I’m partnering with them and going back to my roots (sort of).

If you or someone you know are in need of a website, send me an email at mike@codingmusician.com and I’ll get you up and running in a matter of weeks with a beautiful site, built with WordPress, that does whatever you want it to.

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