Going Back to My Roots: Sort Of

Back in 2005, I started my web development adventure as “Cotton Web Design”. I flexed my creative muscles and delved into the realm of graphic design as well as doing the development/programming for websites.

I built websites from the ground up and it was a chore. Graphic design, to me, was tedious and not at all a strength of mine. What I loved to do was get my clients’ website to “do” something. That’s why my focus turned to web development only for the last 5 years. I hung up my proverbial “design” hat and worked on making websites and web apps do really cool stuff. […]

Believe It or Not, Donald Trump is a Decent Human Being

A lot of the research I’ve done┬áthis upcoming election has been about the candidates before they were in politics. Obviously, Hillary Clinton has been in politics for so long that it was extremely difficult to find anything other than some accomplishments during her political career, so I’m forced to write this post about Donald Trump.

There were several stories and articles I found that aren’t necessarily being reported on the main stream media, so I figured I’d shed some light on them here in my own blog. I’m not going to go into detail on each story. I figured I’d summarized, then offer a link to the source article, then you can do your own research. Here they are:


How to Upgrade Old MySQL functions to work with PHP 7

In case you haven’t heard. Starting in PHP 5.5.x, all MySQL functions are being deprecated. If you’re like a bunch of developers, you’re probably dreading the fact that you have to go through all your old projects to rework your MySQL functions using MySQLi or PDO_MySQL. Ugh! Good news, though! SourceForge user gimigliano has got Read more about How to Upgrade Old MySQL functions to work with PHP 7[…]